The CUON system as well as the clients make a order processing , inventory management and general data management. It also includes a Document Management System (DMS). The entire system is under the GPLv3 . Just the DMS can be applied very versatile.

C.U.O.N. was designed for use in the enterprise, while valid for the client , however, always the possibility , even the preference to serve as effective support in teleworking . The client is ideally suited to mobile working, all the documents in the DMS , the connection over an intranet or the Internet standard. Even faxes can be sent via the company's fax server ( hylafax ) from home or on the road .

So the program is used in various fields, from machine factory to financial services , in the office , at home on the desktop or mobile for customers with the notebook or netbook. And the new mobile devices promise new applications .

This system essentially consists of three parts.

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